Affiliate Software Scaleo – Interview mit Elizabeth Sramek

Elizabeth Sramek SEO & content manager | Scaleo
Elizabeth Sramek | Scaleo

Scaleo ist ein SAAS-Dienst zum Betrieb von Affiliate-Partnerprogrammen. Darüber hinaus kannst du mit Scaleo auch ein eigenes Whitelabel-Affiliatentzwerk realisieren. Online-Marketing-Agenturen nutzen wiederum die Attributionsmöglichkeiten (z.B. mittels Postback-Tracking) zum Echtzeitreporting von Klicks und Conversions.

Die deutschsprachige Zusammenfassung zu Scaleo findest du im Artikel „Affiliate Software – Eigenes Partnerprogramm erstellen“.

Elizabeth (Liz) Sramek ist SEO- und Content Manager bei Scaleo. Im Interview hat sie über die wichtigsten USPs von Scaleo berichtet.

Hier das Interview im Original:

1. Has the backend for the partner and the vendor also been translated into German?
The Web interface for vendors (affiliates) has been translated to German. API is described in English for all levels of access.

2. Which fraud detection methods are used?
We aggregate such data, as:

  • IP Address
  • ISP
  • User Device, Browser, OS
  • Traffic source and HTTP referrer
  • Cookies
  • and many more…

Each of those parameters undergoes a comprehensive analysis by using tens of different measuring points and is checked on existence for both internal and global Blacklists.

3. Which tracking methods?
Postback tracking and Cookie-based (IMG pixel, iFrame pixel, JavaScript pixel) tracking methods are supported.

4. Also voucher tracking?
Not yet, but it’s planned for December 2021.

5. For which web shops do you provide plugins? (Woocommerce and shopify are the most common among our customers.)
Integration with Woocommerce, Shopify and other E-commerce platforms can be done easily, no plugins required.

6. What does your installation service cost?
We provide a SaaS subscription on monthly basis. Available plans are here.
In short:

  • Professional: unlimited clicks, up to 10.000 conversions monthly, basic support – 299$
  • Enterprise: unlimited clicks, up to 40.000 conversions monthly, lead management module, advanced support – 499$
  • Custom: unlimited clicks, unlimited conversions, lead management module, advanced support – from 999$

We provide world-class support, including ongoing integrations (Enterprise+).

7. What are you doing better or different than Post Affiliate Pro? (This is currently mostly recommended and implemented by us)
We have no click limits and there are no additional fees for large volumes of clicks. Our platform has a very smooth modern interface, extensive reporting, and functional API.

8. Which of the following commissions are supported?

  • Lifetime for subscription – yesLead commission – yes
  • Sales percentage / fixed – yes
  • Different commission per product / category – yes

We support all types of commissions, some are easy to set up and some require a little bit of manual set up.

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